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Mining Program

Mining Roadmap

Ember's mining program started with a goal of helping educate people everyday about crypto and the ongoing news in the space, while bringing Bitcoin to as many people as possible. Due to the rapid growth and love for the feature, the team has begun building on top, and aims to achieve the following milestones in coming months so miners can earn more!


  • 10%: Mining Program Launched

  • 20%: Referrals Launched

  • 30%: Mining Seasons 2 Announced

  • 40%: First Mining Rewards Distributed

  • 50%: Mining Season 3 Announced

  • 60%: Airdrops Launched

  • 70%: Referral Boost v2


  • 80%: Deposit Boost v2

  • 90%: Coming Soon!

  • 100%: Coming soon!

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Getting Started

I’m not in the US, can I still use Ember Fund?

Yes! The Ember app is available in most countries around the world.


How do I invest a portfolio? I don’t have Bitcoin yet.

Ember portfolios are purchased using Bitcoin (BTC). You can link your bank account, credit card, Apple Pay, or Coinbase account or deposit BTC from an external wallet of your choice to fund a portfolio.


How do I withdraw from my portfolio?

To withdraw from your portfolio, simply tap the “Sell Portfolio” button on the Settings page in the app. Your portfolio will be sold into Bitcoin that goes directly to your Ember wallet. From there, you can send your Bitcoin to any exchange to cash out for fiat currency.

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