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My friend clicked on my link, but I'm not getting a boost?

In order for a referral to work, there are a few rules:

  1. Your friend must be a new Ember user (less than 5 days old)

  2. The referral link must be clicked on an IOS or Android device, and sign up must be completed in the same session

  3. Your friend needs to tap on "Start Earning Bitcoin" for the boost to activate

Normally it takes just a few minutes for the boost to appear on your rewards page.

If after 10 minutes you're still not getting a boost, then have your friend enter your referral backup code on their Access Code page in Settings. If the rules above are met, then you should get a success message.

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I’m not in the US, can I still use Ember?

Yes! The Ember app is available in most countries around the world.

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Can I refer someone in another country?

Of course! Please note, referral boost rates vary by country.

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How do I redeem my mining rewards?

Users can redeem their Bitcoin rewards on the Earn tab by visiting the 'Rewards History' page.

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