Control your private keys

Edge SDK

All security is handled by the Edge SDK, one of the most established wallet security systems in the industry.

Complete End-To-End Encryption

All of your data is encrypted on your device before any of your information touches our servers. We don’t have any access, or any knowledge of any sensitive account information or keys. Only you and you alone have access.

Automatic Backup

If you lose your device, you can simply download Ember on a new device, enter your credentials and your assets will be right where you left them, because your funds are directly stored on the blockchain and not on servers like with all other exchanges.

Meet Ember

Ember Index

Ember Index


Buy and hold a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies instead of trying to pick winners or time the market.

Our Product

Buy a portfolio of cryptocurrencies in one click

Simply choose a portfolio, make your deposit and we'll fund the portfolio for you.

Custody your assets

We'll automatically create the necessary wallets for you and send the coins to them. You retain full control of your wallets and assets securely through your mobile device.

Low minimums and no fees

Unlike traditional crypto funds, our minimums are low and we don't charge a fee to fund a portfolio. We're also completely transparent and allow users to view a complete transaction history at any time.

Our Team

Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Experience as a product manager at an artificial intelligence company. Previously founded and sold an e-commerce business

Guillaume Torche

Guillaume Torche

Experience building and scaling multiple backend infrastructures for various marquee venture backed startups. Enjoy leveraging data to make critical business decisions

Mario Lazaro

Mario Lazaro

Experience managing high performance technology teams. Passionate about cryptocurrency investing