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Earn, win & trade crypto from anywhere at anytime.

Discover Ember, a revolutionary mobile app that makes it incredibly easy to accumulate & trade Bitcoin in just one tap.

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  • Multiple ways to earn Bitcoin

    Perform microtasks, win competitions, or simply press the 'Start Earning Bitcoin' button in the app to earn Bitcoin in real time.

  • The Best Crypto Strategies

    Crypto moves fast. Our themed portfolios, constructed by elite portfolio managers, are rebalanced monthly to ensure they are optimized for exceptional returns.

  • Simple Design

    Each screen in the Ember app was carefully designed with love. We believe crypto should be easy and approachable for everyone.

  • Self-Custodial

    Your keys, your coins. Ember proudly features self-custodial infrastructure. Transactions on the Ember app are permissionless, transparent, and visible on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Invest the Bitcoin you’ve earned to compound your wealth

Ember comes packed with professionally managed cryptocurrency index funds which provide diversification across altcoins. Our system of earning & investing is designed to create a compounding interest effect the more you use the app.

The Originals

The Originals portfolio is for new and experienced crypto investors who are looking for a smarter way to invest in the two largest cryptocurrencies. The portfolio maintains an allocation of 50% Bitcoin and 50% Ethereum. Performance figures as of: 01/04/24.

  • Number of Coins


  • Inception Date


  • All Time Return


DeFi Index

An index of the leading tokens in the decentralized finance space including decentralized exchanges (DEX), yield products, and lending protocols. It's a convenient way for an investor to gain broad exposure to the financial revolution led by the leaders in DeFi. Included in the index are: Uniswap, Maker DAO, AAVE, Loopring, Yearn, Sushi, Compound and many more, which are weighted by market cap and rebalanced monthly. Performance figures as of: 01/04/24.

  • Number of Coins


  • Inception Date


  • Market Cap

    $78.2 Million

  • All-Time Return


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Earn Free Bitcoin Every 24 Hours

Ember Mining is the easiest way to get Bitcoin. Watch your Satoshis stack up with the tap of a button.

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