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April 26, 2023

Another Round of Features Rolling Out 🏆

Hey Ember Crew,

We are excited to announce another round of new features today! Check out what’s coming below.

Featured Screenshots.

📈 New Ways to Fund your Account

  • Launch Date: Next Week

  • Product: Tournaments

  • How it works: Using our new partner Transak, you can now fund your account via Visa/Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App, UPI & other payment methods! This feature is coming first to Android and will be released on iOS in coming weeks.

📊 NFTs in Tournaments

  • Launch Date: Next Week

  • Product: Tournaments

  • How it works: We recently listed various NFTs for trading in tournaments! Stay tuned as you may see these available in future tournaments.

🎮 Restore Streaks

  • Launch Date: Live Now

  • Product: Mining

  • How it works: If you miss a day of mining and lose your streak, no worries! You now have a 24 hour window to restore your streak before it's gone. Simply go mine as usual, and you'll be given the option to watch an ad to restore it.

💸 Enter Tournaments with your Invest Wallet

  • Launch Date: Next Week

  • Product: Tournaments

  • How it works: In the past, you could only enter tournaments from your Game or Mining wallets. Now, you can also enter tournaments from your Bitcoin (Self-Custody) wallet, which should make it even easier to enter.

We hope you enjoy them. If you have any other ideas or feedback, join the Ember community for Feedback Fridays in Discord!


Your Ember Team

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November 21, 2023

Introducing Predictions

With predictions, Ember users can wager their earned Sats on the outcomes of current events around sports, celebrities, coin prices, and more.

November 12, 2023

Happy Diwali!

The referral boost was increased by 50% in India! Invite friends to boost your rate to 3 Sat/hr.

November 03, 2023

October Reward Stats

We're thrilled to announce the Ember community's mining & reward stats for the month of October!

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