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May 18, 2022

April 2022 Newsletter Recap

Hey Ember Crew,

Welcome to the April recap! You all seemed to love our last newsletter promo, so we’re doing it again! If you make a new investment in one of our portfolios using the link below before midnight on Friday (5/20) PST, we'll airdrop 5,000 Sats into your account! New and old users are eligible!

 Company & Product Updates:

  • Our crowdfunding campaign is oversubscribed at $1,248,416(more than 2x our original goal of $535,000). You still have time to invest here.

  • Ethereum and USDC Wallets are now live for all users on Ember Custody.

  • We’ve launched a new native graph in-app that displays 1-year performance.

  • Starting this Thursday, we’ll be rolling out the Metaverse Index and Top NFT Index to Ember Custody.

 Coming Soon:

  • Self-Custody Improvements: We’re eliminating gas fees and high minimum investment requirements on future portfolios on the Self-Custody setting, thanks to the Polygon network.

  • Our team is exploring new ways for investors to dollar-cost-average and trade into Ember portfolios

  • New airdrops are coming soon! Stay tuned.


  • Ember has reached over 628,000 signups!

 Trending Questions:

  • Were Ember Fund investors impacted by the recent Terra/LUNA collapse?

    • Ember Fund had no exposure to Terra and our investors are safe. During our due diligence on Terra earlier this year, we were uncomfortable with the lack of collateralization on the Anchor Protocol offering 19.5% APY.

 Portfolio Performance:

  • Bitcoin Defense - "As of 04/30/2022, Bitcoin Defense is outperforming a simple buy-and-hold strategy. This just proves how one month and a few trades can change the trajectory of the entire performance. As we highlighted in our previous letters, this strategy strives for precise directional moves, and months like March and April are proof of that..." For more details on the Bitcoin Defense, click here.

  • Ember DeFi Index - "The DeFi index continues to lag the broader market and is a bit more sensitive to the fluctuations. TVL and transactions continue to show strength but the value accrual to token holders remains uncertain. We remain positive on the sector long term. In April, the index declined 24.7% while the broader market was down 15%..." For more details on the Ember DeFi Index, click here.

  • The Yield - "Yield on stablecoins in the space has been leveling out across the board, as has ours, but the team is looking into new protocols to boost yield even further in the coming months. Our all-time APY on this portfolio is still crushing the average saving account APY by over 100x..." For more details on The Yield, click here.

  • Ember Metaverse Index - "The Metaverse Index has entered correction territory as the macro market has pulled back and investors have shifted investments from risk to safe. We believe in the long-term potential in the Metaverse, but for now, the market sentiment has caught up to the hype and has level-set expectations near-term. The index declined 32.6% in April and comparatively, ETH was down 14.9% in the same period..." For more details on the Ember Metaverse Index, click here.

Thank you for reading!


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