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September 09, 2021

August 2021 Newsletter Recap

Hi Ember Crew,

We hope everyone has been safe and sound. Before jumping into our monthly update, don't forget to turn on your Bitcoin miner!

📱 Company & Product Updates:

  • An upgraded version of the app is coming soon with new designs, performance upgrades and features! Keep an eye out for updates.

  • We’ve launched Ember Nuggets to help our users stay updated with the crypto markets each week. We’ll be posting Nuggets on the Blog and in our mining program. Check out Issue #3

  • New ways to boost your mining rates are coming soon!

  • Ember has built a design team to assist us in redesigning the rest of the app over the next month

🔥 Milestones:

  • Over $500M in transactions have been processed through the Ember app!

📊 Fund Performance:

  • The Quant - "Annualized returns since inception continue to outperform bitcoin by a significant margin at 180.97% while bitcoin is at 128.75% over that same period..." click for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • Indexes - "DeFi continues to grow steadily with DEX volume rising 34% MoM. Total Value Locked on Ethereum continued to grow from $77B to..." To continue reading, click for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

    Please email us if you have any questions. 🙏


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