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September 09, 2023

August 2023 Recap Newsletter

Hey Ember Crew,

It's time for the August 2023 Recap Newsletter! We hope everyone has been well as summer comes to a close.

Below are some of the product highlights & milestones we've been working towards over the past month.

💰 Mining

  • 1M Satoshi Giveaway: Our 1M Sat giveaway last month was a lot of fun. Be sure to follow us on (Twitter) for future promo announcements! Something bigger could be coming... 👀

  • Start a Streak with a Friend: Earn a 'Friend Streak' when both you and a friend mine consistently without missing a day.

  • Mining Page Refreshed: We simplified the page so it's easier to see the boosts you're earning with friends.

  • Rate Adjustments: Mining rates and airdrop amounts are continually being tested to balance supply/demand. If you see fluctuations week-to-week that's why!

📈 Tournaments

  • Exclusive Tournaments: We launched the Weekly High Roller and God Mode tournaments, which have limited seats but large prize pools. Test your trading skills among the top players in the community!

  • More Games & Prizes: Participants in our free tournaments now have a 50% chance of winning some Bitcoin. The team is also building different types of games & ways to earn Bitcoin on Ember. Stay tuned!

  • Tournament Stats: By popular request, tapping 'View Completed' on the Play tab now only displays past tournaments you've entered. We're also working to add more advanced stats & reporting so you can see your tournament performance more clearly.

⚡ Wallets & Profile

  • Connect Ember to Coinbase, Binance and More: We're rolling out a feature that allows you to sign in & easily transfer Bitcoin directly from Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood, and more! On the Profile tab, simply tap 'Deposit Funds' -> 'Transfer from Exchange' to try it out!

  • Bitcoin Lightning Network: The Ember team continues exploring the Bitcoin Lightning network and ways it can improve the app.

  • Performance Enhancements: We're also making updates to improve the app's performance, so it'll soon be faster and snappier to use every day.

If you have any other ideas or feedback, please fill out our survey here!

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