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July 18, 2023

Daily Premium Tournaments

Hey Ember Crew,

We're excited to announce that BOTH free and premium tournaments are now available in all timezones! More frequent tournaments means there's more chances for you to win Bitcoin!

See the roster below for more details.

💰 Daily FREE Tournaments

  • Pot Size: $30

  • Entry Fee: $0

  • Available Seats: 1,000

  • Trading Activity: Active, Passive

  • Frequency: 8 Daily

  • Chance of Winning: 25% (250 winners)

💰 Daily Premium Tournaments

  • Pot Size: $50 - $500

  • Entry Fee: $0.10 - $10.00

  • Available Seats: 10 - 100

  • Trading Activity: Active, Passive

  • Frequency: 5 Daily

  • Chance of Winning: Varies

On the tournament page, simply tap on "View Prizes" to view the prize breakdowns in-app. Let us know here if you have any ideas on how we can continue to improve the app!

Best of luck,

Your Ember Fund Team

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