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May 07, 2021

Introducing the Ember DeFi Index

Hi Ember Crew,

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest portfolio: the Ember DeFi Index.

Since the inception of Ember Fund, our goal has always been to be the gateway to decentralized finance and pioneer accessibility to the vast array of DeFi assets. As such, we have partnered with Set Protocol to launch a comprehensive index of the DeFi sector. 

Our thesis on the DeFi industry is that, unlike legacy finance, value capture and distribution is much more efficient. Instead of paying for banker bonuses, salaries, and rent (in traditional finance), value is 100% distributed to token holders in this new world of decentralized finance. We’re bullish on the DeFi market as a whole and believe an index is a powerful way to gain broad exposure to this exciting, high growth asset class. 

The Ember DeFi Index leverages the DPI as it’s anchor asset which is a market cap weighted construction of the top 15 coins in DeFi.

Here are some of its key token listing criteria: 

  • Must be an Ethereum token



    freely circulating for at least 30 days

    before inclusion in the index

  • Follows best practices concerning the security and safety of the protocol and post-incident management

  • Associated dApp must be launched and functional for at least 180 days while also

    widely considered legitimate

  • Predictable token supply

    over the next 5 years, where at least 5% must be currently circulating 

Additionally, the index will automatically rebalance every month according to each token’s relative circulating market cap, which can be calculated by multiplying the price per token and the circulating supply. 

The DeFi index was built on Set Protocol and it’s smart contracts allows the index to rebalance fully automatically & without mining fees.

Although the portfolio is anchored with the DPI token, the portfolio is compostable with other financial instruments. What this means is that the portfolio can be:

  • Rebalanced to include other tokens as the space evolves

  • Be staked into liquidity mining programs to boost yield

  • Leveraged or lent out to further maximize ROIs

  • And more!

Any questions?

Happy Investing,

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