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March 23, 2022

February 2022 Recap Newsletter

Hey Ember Crew,

We hope everyone is safe and sound. As always, don't forget to turn on your Bitcoin miner!

📱 Company & Product Updates:

  • We’ve rolled out $10 mins and no gas fees to all users! Check the app and invest in a portfolio today. Remember you get an extra 5+ satoshi mining boost when you invest in a portfolio.

  • If you’d prefer to stay on self-custody, there’s a toggle button on the settings page to switch back.

  • We’ve made the “Ping Inactive” feature easier to access by moving it to the mining page. Pro-tip: Pinging your referrals to remind them to keep mining helps keep your rate up!

  • We’ve completed the redesign of the app and website! Check it out here here:

🔥 Milestones:

  • Ember has over 140k+ daily active users! 🚀

  • We've had over 500k+ signups on Ember!

💡 Trending Questions:

  • Airdrops are 1-time deposits of Satoshis to your mining balance. Airdrops are separate from the hourly boosts, and can be activated by completing certain actions on the Ember app. Each airdrop varies in size, and you can see available ones in the bubbles on the boost page. The team launched a password recovery airdrop, and all existing users who have it setup will receive it automatically. "The DeFi index declined from ~$194 to ~$165 in February, driven largely by a broader..." To continue reading, click here for the: detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • The Yield - 

    "The Yield has been holding steady around 2-3% over the past few months during the recent market cool-off. We typically target 5-6%..." To continue reading, click here for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.


Alex, Guillaume, & Mario
Co-Founders | Ember Fund

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