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December 16, 2021

Hello Metaverse, Meet Ember

Hi Ember Crew,

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest portfolio: The Ember Metaverse Index.

The metaverse has become a large part of the broader crypto market and reached an inflection point this year. Many projects have gained traction and have been further supported by traditional institutions entering the space. Per CoinGecko, the Metaverse is now at ~$28.5B valuation and we wanted to offer a product so that users can participate in the upside over the long-term. The total crypto market is currently at ~$2.3T.

Ember prides itself in building a platform that gives our users exposure to the cutting edge in the crypto economy. The metaverse index is our next step in that grand vision.

The growth of the metaverse segment in the broader crypto economy has made a compelling case for us to offer this fun, creative product to our users. Ember has partnered with IndexCoop and Set Protocol to launch this portfolio, and will continuously update the index as the market continues to develop. Since the underlying index from IndexCoop was launched, the all time ROI as of today is, ~135% YTD.

By depositing into the portfolio, investors will own a small fraction of the underlying tokens that are listed in the portfolio allocations.

The portfolio is also built to support additional layers of yield and DeFi platforms as they are developed to increase the portfolio’s overall performance.

Feel free to check out the new portfolio by tapping below.

Happy investing!

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