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February 15, 2022

January 2022 Recap Newsletter

Hi Ember Crew,

We hope everyone is safe and sound. As always, don't forget to turn on your Bitcoin miner!

Last week, we manually reviewed a number of miners, and we've since approved all legitimate accounts so you can continue mining and referring friends.

📱 Company & Product Updates:

  • We’re slowly rolling out

    $10 mins and no mining fees

    for some new users! Existing users will get this update soon. Stay tuned for more info!

  • The app redesign is nearly complete! Just a few more screens to go.

  • In the next update, the app will be much


    due some performance enhancements we’ve made

  • The team is taking steps to better communicate in-app and through our updates, so going forward we’ll have a section in the newsletter addressing trending support questions.

  • Recently the community voted on what portfolios they’d like to see.

    The winning portfolio is the L1 index!

    The team hopes to offer these in-app soon. The results are as follows:

    57%: Ember L1 Index ($ETH, $AVAX, $LUNA, $FTM, $SOL, $MATIC, $BNB)

    27%: Ember Innovative DeFi Index ($GMI, $RUNE, $FTT)

    11%: BlueChipNFT ($PUNK, $BAYC, $MAYC)

    5%: Degen Index ($BTRFLY, $LOOKS, $SOS, $ENS)

🔥 Milestones:

  • Ember now has over

    70k+ daily active users!


  • Ember has distributed Bitcoin to over 1700 miners around the world

💡 Trending Topics:

  • Since Ember doesn’t store your login credentials due to being a self-custodial hybrid, please write them down and store them in a safe place. Please also set up password recovery / 2FA if you haven’t already to recover your account

  • Ember temporarily paused new downloads in some countries to launch some app performance/experience updates. We hope to support the app around the world in the coming weeks. If you have the app already, you can continue mining and investing.

  • The team launched a referral code feature, so going forward please have your friend enter your referral code on their access code page. We are adding a box in the signup flow as well to make it easier to use.

📊 Fund Performance:

  • The Quant -


    "Bitcoin Defense protected investors against a -16.8% decline in January and earned them yield in USDC 🙌...." click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • Ember DeFi Index-

    "The index saw a pullback in January in sync as the crypto market continued to pull back. The index opened at...." To continue reading, click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • The Yield -

    "The yield continues to generate 5x that of bank savings rates which average 0.5%..." To continue reading, click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

Please email us if you have any questions. 🙏


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