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August 04, 2023

July 2023 Recap Newsletter

Hey Ember Crew,

It's time for the July 2023 Recap Newsletter! We hope everyone is having a great summer!

Below are some of the product highlights & milestones we've been working towards over the past month.

Featured Screenshots.

💰 Mining

  • Referral Boost Was Juiced: Simply mine with a friend & BOTH of your rates will be boosted by 600%, up to 6 Satoshis/hr. This stacks with each new friend. Available in select countries. Learn more!

  • Mining Available in More Countries: Mining has been rolled out to nearly every country around the world!

  • Earn Tab Refresh: The Earn tab is getting a design refresh to simplify the page & make it easier to earn rewards.

📈 Tournaments

  • Localized Daily Premium Tournaments: We launched multiple daily premium tournaments in different timezones, so it's easier than ever to enter around the world.

  • Enter with Debit/Credit Card: In select countries, players are now given the option to enter premium tournaments with their debit/credit card!

  • ChatGPT Messages: You can now send friends & other tournament players randomized jokes/compliments powered by ChatGPT! We hope this makes the app more fun!

  • Improved Coin Tracking: We're updating the Invest tab to make it easier to track & follow the performance of your favorite coins.

  • Tournament Shortcuts: We've added in a "Past Winners" tab to the Portfolio Builder so you can copy past winning portfolios in 1 tap. More shortcuts are on the way to make it easier to set up tournament portfolios!

⚡ Wallets & Profile

  • Bitcoin Lightning Network: The Ember team is currently exploring the Bitcoin Lightning network and ways it can be implemented in-app. Stay tuned!

If you have any other ideas or feedback, please fill out our survey here!

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