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July 03, 2023

June 2023 Recap Newsletter

Hey Ember Crew,

It's time for the June 2023 Recap Newsletter! We hope everyone has been having a great summer!

Below are some of the product highlights & milestones we've been working towards over the past month.

Featured Screenshots.

💰 Mining

  • New Referral Boost: If you and your friend are mining at the same time, you’ll EACH get a +1 Satoshi/hr mining boost! Double the sats, double the fun! No deposit required.

  • Survey & Tournament Payouts in Mining Wallet: To make it easier to access & spend your mining rewards, we're consolidating Survey & Tournament payouts into your mining wallet.

  • Anyone invested in an Ember portfolio will no longer see ads when mining.

📈 Tournaments

  • Localized Daily FREE Tournaments: We're beginning to launch multiple passive & active tournaments in different timezones, so it'll soon be easier to enter in any country around the world. 🌎

  • Entering with Debit/Credit Card: In select countries, players are now given the option to enter paid tournaments with their debit/credit card.

🎮 Profile

  • Wallets Combined: To simplify the Profile tab we're consolidating our Game wallet with the Mining & Bitcoin (Self-Custody) wallets. You can read more about the change here.

  • Avatars: Tap on your Avatar on the Profile tab & pick your favorite AI-generated PFP.

If you have any other ideas or feedback, please fill out our survey here!

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