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June 22, 2022

May 2022 Recap Newsletter 📈

Welcome to the May recap! It's been a wild month in the space, but we remain bullish on the long-term outlook.

Heads up: we're currently offering 50,000 sats when you invest $250 in any portfolio! To be eligible, you must invest between now and 11:59 PM (PST) Friday. The investment must stay deposited for at least 30 days.

Once invested, email to claim your rewards.

Company & Product Updates:

  • We’re proud to announce our latest portfolio, The Originals!

    • The goal of this portfolio is to provide a safe way to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into BTC & ETH, while maximizing yield automatically on each! More details coming in a separate email.

  • The Metaverse Index and Top NFT Index have arrived on the Ember Custody side of the app! Portfolios minimums are now $5 and no gas fees will apply when you invest.

  • Our crowdfunding campaign has reached $7 million across our Reg-CF and Reg-A crowdfunding campaigns on Republic.

  • Thanks to community feedback, the team is proud to be rolling out a brand new Content Library where Ember investors can learn how to thrive in this market.

  • The team is also rolling out a brand new portfolio survey that will recommend 1-2 portfolios based on your investing goals.

  • A big shout out to Polygon for allowing us to deliver low investment minimums and zero gas fees! Check out their tweet about our partnership here.

Coming Soon:

  • The team is exploring recurring deposits into portfolios.

  • Mining Season 4 is coming soon with some big updates to improve the product.

  • More portfolios are coming very soon!

Trending Questions:

  • What is your overall crypto outlook at this point?

    • Recent activity has left us unfazed. Ember lived through 2018 so we’ve been here before and we know where we are going next. The markets will recover.

Portfolio Performance:

  • Bitcoin Defense - "Months like May truly demonstrate the beauty of defensive algorithms like the Bitcoin Defense. The strategy was down -0.5% for the month compared to a passive bitcoin strategy which was down -15.7%. Crypto markets move fast and you have to be wary of changes in direction..." For more details on the Bitcoin Defense, click here.

  • Ember DeFi Index - "Crypto is officially in a bear market and recent collapse of LUNA and the instability of organizations like Celsius, 3AC and others have soured sentiment in DeFi. The DeFi Index declined 30% in May and currently has sold off an additional 35% in June. The sharp declines led by drop in TVL and activity as players get defensive..." For more details on the Ember DeFi Index, click here.

  • The Yield - "Yield has fallen below 1% with a large shakeout occurring in the markets leading to a sharp decline on borrowing. We are deployed on protocols like Yearn and Compound that require over-collateralization of assets. We are comfortable holding assets in USDC in these vaults but will continue to monitor..." For more details on The Yield, click here.

  • Ember Metaverse Index - "The Metaverse Index, as with all of crypto, is in a bear market with declines on price and volume across most NFT collections. Investors have shifted towards stable while the market volatility shakes out. We believe in the long-term potential in the Metaverse, but for now, we think there could be additional downside. The index declined 36% in May..." For more details on the Ember Metaverse Index, click here.

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June 18, 2024

New Mining Withdrawal Option! 💸

Ember partnered with popular gaming platform as a secure & fun method for mining withdrawals! This feature comes with a HUGE set of upgrades to our withdrawal process.

June 11, 2024

May 2024 Recap Newsletter

It's time for the May 2024 Recap Newsletter! Here are the product highlights and milestones from the past month.

June 07, 2024

May Community Stats

We're thrilled to announce the Ember community's mining & reward stats for the month of May!

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