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June 22, 2022

May 2022 Recap Newsletter 📈

Welcome to the May recap! It's been a wild month in the space, but we remain bullish on the long-term outlook.

Heads up: we're currently offering 50,000 sats when you invest $250 in any portfolio! To be eligible, you must invest between now and 11:59 PM (PST) Friday. The investment must stay deposited for at least 30 days.

Once invested, email to claim your rewards.

Company & Product Updates:

  • We’re proud to announce our latest portfolio, The Originals!

    • The goal of this portfolio is to provide a safe way to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into BTC & ETH, while maximizing yield automatically on each! More details coming in a separate email.

  • The Metaverse Index and Top NFT Index have arrived on the Ember Custody side of the app! Portfolios minimums are now $5 and no gas fees will apply when you invest.

  • Our crowdfunding campaign has reached $7 million across our Reg-CF and Reg-A crowdfunding campaigns on Republic.

  • Thanks to community feedback, the team is proud to be rolling out a brand new Content Library where Ember investors can learn how to thrive in this market.

  • The team is also rolling out a brand new portfolio survey that will recommend 1-2 portfolios based on your investing goals.

  • A big shout out to Polygon for allowing us to deliver low investment minimums and zero gas fees! Check out their tweet about our partnership here.

Coming Soon:

  • The team is exploring recurring deposits into portfolios.

  • Mining Season 4 is coming soon with some big updates to improve the product.

  • More portfolios are coming very soon!

Trending Questions:

  • What is your overall crypto outlook at this point?

    • Recent activity has left us unfazed. Ember lived through 2018 so we’ve been here before and we know where we are going next. The markets will recover.

Portfolio Performance:

  • Bitcoin Defense - "Months like May truly demonstrate the beauty of defensive algorithms like the Bitcoin Defense. The strategy was down -0.5% for the month compared to a passive bitcoin strategy which was down -15.7%. Crypto markets move fast and you have to be wary of changes in direction..." For more details on the Bitcoin Defense, click here.

  • Ember DeFi Index - "Crypto is officially in a bear market and recent collapse of LUNA and the instability of organizations like Celsius, 3AC and others have soured sentiment in DeFi. The DeFi Index declined 30% in May and currently has sold off an additional 35% in June. The sharp declines led by drop in TVL and activity as players get defensive..." For more details on the Ember DeFi Index, click here.

  • The Yield - "Yield has fallen below 1% with a large shakeout occurring in the markets leading to a sharp decline on borrowing. We are deployed on protocols like Yearn and Compound that require over-collateralization of assets. We are comfortable holding assets in USDC in these vaults but will continue to monitor..." For more details on The Yield, click here.

  • Ember Metaverse Index - "The Metaverse Index, as with all of crypto, is in a bear market with declines on price and volume across most NFT collections. Investors have shifted towards stable while the market volatility shakes out. We believe in the long-term potential in the Metaverse, but for now, we think there could be additional downside. The index declined 36% in May..." For more details on the Ember Metaverse Index, click here.

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October 03, 2023

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September 13, 2023

We're giving out 2 MILLION Sats!

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September 09, 2023

August 2023 Recap Newsletter

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