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July 01, 2022

Meet The Originals: A 50% Bitcoin & 50% Ethereum Portfolio

We’ve just dropped a brand new portfolio and we’re super excited to tell you about it.

Introducing: The Originals.

The Originals is a strategy that holds equal-weighted positions in Bitcoin and Ethereum and will be automatically rebalanced quarterly, tax-free. Invest in blue chip, high-quality crypto assets that will weather the bear market.

In addition, we are eliminating our 3% management fee on this portfolio.

Who is this portfolio for? Conservative crypto investors seeking the most established and highest-quality cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin remains the leading store of value while Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform for DeFi, stablecoins, and NFTs. Combined, the two assets comprise more than 60% of the $2 trillion crypto market.¹

You can invest in The Originals with as little as $10 and enjoy zero gas fees, thanks to our partnership with Polygon.

This portfolio is future-proofed in that we will be offering yield on both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the near future when you invest. Allocations will be reconstituted on a quarterly basis, ensuring the strategy follows a rules-based rebalancing approach maintaining its equal balance. This helps manage the intended asset allocation and risk exposure.

We hope you'll enjoy this new portfolio as much as we will.

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