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June 24, 2022

Mining Season 4 Is Right Around the Corner! ⛏️

Hey Ember Crew,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the third season of the mining program! The Ember team is proud to announce the start of Mining Season 4!

As a reminder, each season new features & mining rates will be implemented to incentivize full usage of the Ember platform while supporting the number of active miners.

Season 4 begins next week on June 29th, 2022.

Recap of Season 3:

  • The community grew to nearly 600k miners!

  • The team introduced the new invested friends boost & airdrop features!

 Introducing Pools:

  • Large rewards are on the way! The team is exploring integrating our portfolios & mining program with prize-linked smart contracts.

  • By mining & investing consistently in Ember, our goal is that you will automatically have a chance to win tens of thousands in prizes. More details to come!

 New Mining Rates:

  • For Season 4, rates will be halved to ensure the program remains sustainable for the entire community during the current state of the market:

    • Base Rate: 1 Sat/hr

    • Base Referral Rate: 1 Sat/hr

    • Deposit Boost: 2 Sat/hr

    • Invested Friends: 5 Sat/hr

  • The team aims to continue adding much larger limited-time airdrops, so keep an eye on the boost page to maximize your rewards :) Follow us on Twitter for airdrop announcements.

Additional Updates:

  • The team is working to partner with different charities & organizations, so miners can use their Satoshis to do some good in the world directly in-app!

  • To help you navigate the crypto markets, the team is investing in bringing bite-sized on-chain analysis & insider crypto news to miners daily! Rather than subscribing to pricy newsletters from influencers, we're bringing this analysis to everyone.

 Early Miners, thank you!

  • The team is keeping track of our OG miners. Even though it’s a bear market, we appreciate you being here with us. :)

Mine at higher rates while you can. Season 4 kicks in next week! Let’s continue to build an amazing community!

Cheers to the future, and happy mining!

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