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December 11, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter Recap

Hi Ember Crew,

We hope everyone is safe and sound. Please see below for our monthly updates.

📱 Company & Product Updates:

  • Our CEO Alex was honored as a top 25 Blockchain CEOs of 2020, next to Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) & Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple). Read more

    (Page 22,26)

  • Ember Fund was



  • We’ve made quite a few infrastructure upgrades this month, the app should run much faster.

  • Custom portfolios are back!

  • We’ve finished V1 of upgrading our system to be wrapped in smart contracts. This has been audited and we’re working now on a few more upgrades before launch. Appreciate everyone’s patience on this. It’s been a long road but we’re at the finish line.

🔥 Milestones:

  • Yet another record breaking month in November in terms of new deposits ($2M+) and thousands of new users!

📊 Fund Performance:

  • The Quant -

    "Now that the markets are back to their old selves with the volatility and clear trends, the quant is back and shining. As we previously mentioned in our numerous updates, the quant bleeds from a thousand paper cuts in sideways markets but given the unbelievable bull run in November, it did not disappoint..." click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • Marius 5 S-Tier -

    "The S-Tier fund is now up 80% while Bitcoin is up 40% since the altcoin bottom last month. YFI has also performed extremely well with an unbelievable 300% increase since the altcoin bottom...." To continue reading, click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

  • Indexes -

    "Yet another big month in crypto. We’re now seeing that Paypal is buying almost 70% of newly issued Bitcoin while Square is buying over 30% of all newly-issued Bitcoin. This means on a net basis, all of the newly issued Bitcoin is being purchased by just these two entities. There simply isn’t enough Bitcoin to go around at the current price..." To continue reading, click

    for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

Please join our Telegram Group or email us if you have any questions. 🙏

Kindest Regards,

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