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June 09, 2022

Own a Piece of a Bored Ape for $10 and No Gas Fees! 🙉

Want to invest in top quality NFTs but don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars? Thanks to our engineering efforts, you can invest in The Ember Top NFT Index with as little as $10 and no gas fees!

Included in this index: Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Doodles, and World of Women.

Here's what celebrities have paid: Snoop Dogg - $365,000 for a CryptoPunk, Madonna - $571,000 for a Bored Ape, and Eminem - $452,000 for a Bored Ape. Let’s be honest, those prices are out of reach for most of us. Alternatively, investing in less established NFT collections are subject to rugpulls, extreme volatility, and capital losses especially during a bear market.

How do you get in on this action?

Ember Fund (in partnership with NFTX and Set Protocol) has engineered a way for anyone with $10 to invest fractionally in an NFT in just a few taps. What this means is you can own a tiny piece of a Bored Ape, CryptoPunk, etc. and participate in the price action as would you if you owned the whole NFT.

The portfolio’s performance tracks the floor price of each collection's NFTs, which allows the portfolio to follow larger NFT market trends.

Here are some of its key characteristics:

  • Anchored by blue chip NFTs like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks

  • Investment minimum of $10

  • Future-proofed with the ability to support new collections and generate yield on your NFTs.

  • Mining fee-free rebalancing powered by our smart contracts

  • Audited, secure NFT protocols

Additionally, the portfolio will automatically rebalance every month to capture the performance of the top NFT collections by market cap.

Take advantage of $10 mins and no gas fees with Ember Custody. If you don't see "Custodial Portfolios" on the home tab, visit settings in the wallet tab and toggle to Ember Custody to view this portfolio.

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June 18, 2024

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June 11, 2024

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June 07, 2024

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