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October 31, 2022

10/31 Portfolio Tournament Snapshot Leaderboard!

A huge thank you to everyone that joined our first-ever portfolio building tournament! We had over 2,200 entries!

As for a tournament update, it’s been a bit of a wild weekend. Dogecoin absolutely shot for the moon. As such, we have a SEVEN-WAY TIE for first place right now! Here are the current participants in the lead from over the weekend:

  • 1st Place Tie (+54.17%): RasberryAffiliates, Stefanel., Herbie, Karma222, Bamos, David8334, & Xeng0086

  • 2nd Place (+32.07%): King

  • 3rd Place (+30.16%): Bitcoin21

  • 4th Place (+27.58%): Gclair1754

  • 5th Place Tie (+26.69%): LordManDam & Dnice707

  • 6th Place (+26.20%): hedn

  • 7th Place (+26.15%): danorka

  • 8th Place (+21.71%): aradi

  • 9th Place (+21.11%): Abdiell21

  • 10th Place Tie (+20.44%): TwiztidBoris & Tquest87

And don’t forget we have the Biggest Loser Prize too! We’ve got a tie here currently as well:

  • Biggest Losers (-5.7%): Kaci G., & ThePaperboy

Let’s see if Dogecoin can hold steady through the rest of the week! Best of luck for the remainder of the tournament period!

Our next update will come on Wednesday!

-The Ember Fund Team

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June 20, 2024

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June 11, 2024

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