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May 20, 2021

Recent Market Volatility

Hi Ember Crew,

With the recent pullback in the market, we just wanted to drop a line and reassure you that everything is ok! With any explosive parabolic market, you will always have healthy corrections.

This time around, people speculate that Elon Musk’s tweets about Bitcoin’s energy use triggered the drop. It's important to note, the fundamentals and technology that underpin all of these crypto assets have not changed, only the narrative. Let's continue to think about crypto's long-term potential in the next 5-10 years. Emotion is the enemy of reason, so please do not make trading decisions on “moment in time” events.

Fundamentals & on-chain metrics are still pointing to a bull-run later this year, but of course there are never any guarantees with risk-on assets. As always, we believe that time in the market beats timing the market, and encourage everyone to remember that each Ember Fund portfolio was crafted to be held for years to come. Ember continues to be extremely bullish on the crypto space and its rapid innovation that continues to expand into new areas of the economy.

As always, continue to diversify with both defensive & offensive products. If you were invested in the Quant, congratulations, since it was rebalanced to USD at around $56k, you’ve protected your assets against nearly a 50% drop!


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