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October 06, 2023

September 2023 Recap Newsletter

Hey Ember Crew,

It's time for the September 2023 Recap Newsletter! We hope everyone has been having a nice start to the fall season!

We're excited to announce that last month's community mining redemptions came in at 26 MILLION Sats! Join the action by mining with friends & entering free tournaments to maximize daily rewards!

Below are the product highlights and milestones from the past month.

💰 Mining

  • Mining Rates DOUBLED: We doubled the mining referral rate in select countries, so invite friends at 2x the rate while you can! If we see mining becoming popular in certain countries, we'll boost up rates there. 👀

  • Satoshi Wallet on Profile Tab: We're adding your Satoshi Rewards wallet to the Profile tab so it's easier to track your mining activity & payouts.

  • Play Games, Earn Bitcoin: You can now earn 100k+ Satoshis / day by playing games on Ember! Tap on 'Earn BTC - Play Games' on the Tasks Tab to try it out!

📈 Tournaments

  • Special Showcase to Top Winners: We're putting together some dope videos to showcase our top tournament winners! Yes, winning tournaments does come with bragging rights. 😏

  • Predictions: The team is currently exploring prediction markets & sports as a fun way to earn more Bitcoin on Ember! More to come.

⚡ Wallets & Profile

  • Ember Premium: Tired of ads? Sign up for Ember Premium to quickly remove all ads in 1 tap. Visit Settings > Ember Premium to learn more.

  • Bitcoin Lightning Network: It's official, the Bitcoin Lightning Network is on the way! Get ready for near 0 mining fees, low minimums, instant transfers, and easier tournament entry. ⚡

  • Dark Mode: Should we build it? Let us know here! 👀

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November 21, 2023

Introducing Predictions

With predictions, Ember users can wager their earned Sats on the outcomes of current events around sports, celebrities, coin prices, and more.

November 12, 2023

Happy Diwali!

The referral boost was increased by 50% in India! Invite friends to boost your rate to 3 Sat/hr.

November 03, 2023

October Reward Stats

We're thrilled to announce the Ember community's mining & reward stats for the month of October!

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