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Overview: Tournaments

🚀 Why Tournaments?

It's simple. We want to make crypto fun again. With Tournaments, Ember users can put their crypto skills to the test, give lady luck a run for her money, and even turn a profit.

🏆 How to play:

Entering in a Tournament is easy! First, head to the Mining Page, make sure you are mining, then tap "View Tournament" towards the center.

Once on the Tournament page, you can view the current prize pool, your Gamer tag, the time left in the current stage, and your current portfolio value.

From the Tournament page, you may tap on Build Portfolio to begin choosing your coin lineup! Choose wisely!

🏆 How much can I win?

The prize pool for each tournament will vary depending on a few factors; mainly the number of participants, and the entry fee (if any). The breakdown of prizes will also vary depending on the number of participants (ex: the more participants there are, the more users to be paid out). You can find the payout distribution at the bottom of individual tournament page.

Here's an example prize distribution so you can see what it may look like:

1st Place: 30% of Prize Pool

2nd Place: 15% of Prize Pool

3rd Place: 10% of Prize Pool

4th Place: 7% of Prize Pool

5-50th Place: 38% of Prize Pool (Split evenly)

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I Forgot My Username or Password

Since Ember is built on a Self-Custodial system, we do not store username or password data on our end, and cannot set password resets ourselves.

Mining Program

How do I withdraw my mining rewards?

First off, congrats on building up your mining balance! We hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous journey for both of us.

Mining Program

My referral is not working

In this article, we will address these common issues: My friend signed up but is not linked to my account My referral is not connected to my account My referral does not show up on my end

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