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Quant Portfolio

How does Ember’s Smart Contract work?

In our newer portfolios (Quant, DeFi Index), your crypto is locked in Ember's Smart contract which facilitates automatic, mining fee-free rebalancing. The private key to interact & unlock funds from the smart contract are stored in Edge (shown as ETH Ember Smart Wallet), however the individual coins within the portfolio are not viewable in Edge.

At a higher level to explain the flow of our portfolios, when you enter the portfolio, your BTC is put into the smart contract and you were issued one of our tokens. (EBTCQ, EDI, etc). These tokens were made by Ember, and represent your holdings in their respective portfolio. The tokens themselves track the performance of the trades in the portfolio, and when you finally sell and redeem your tokens, you will receive the equivalent value in BTC to your Ember BTC Wallet.

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