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Mining Program

What does the Ping Inactive button do?

On the Rewards page, there is a button on the friends card called Ping Inactive. When the button is pressed, any friends that aren't earning will get a push notification.

The button is clickable once per day, and to maximize your rewards we recommend visiting your friends list daily and sending a reminder.

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Getting Started

I’m not in the US, can I still use Ember Fund?

Yes! The Ember app is available in most countries around the world.


How do I invest a portfolio? I don’t have Bitcoin yet.

Ember portfolios are purchased using Bitcoin (BTC). You can link your bank account, credit card, Apple Pay, or Coinbase account or deposit BTC from an external wallet of your choice to fund a portfolio.


How do I withdraw from my portfolio?

To withdraw from your portfolio, simply tap the “Sell Portfolio” button on the Settings page in the app. Your portfolio will be sold into Bitcoin that goes directly to your Ember wallet. From there, you can send your Bitcoin to any exchange to cash out for fiat currency.

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