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March 16, 2022

Introducing Mining Season 3 🚀

Hey Ember Crew,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the second season of the mining program! The Ember team is proud to announce the start of Mining Season 3.

As a reminder, each season new features & mining rates will be implemented to incentivize full usage of the Ember platform while supporting the number of active miners.

Season 3 begins next week on March 23rd, 2022.

💸 Recap of Season 2:

  • The community grew from 8k to 150k+ daily miners worldwide

  • The team introduced the deposit boost and ping inactive features, along with some huge app performance improvements

⚡ Introducing Airdrops:

  • Ember now has the ability to reward 1-time airdrops directly to your mining balances

  • Airdrops can be seen in the bubbles on the boost page, so keep an eye out each day for new ones

📊 New Mining Rates:

  • For Season 3, rates will be halved to 2.5 Sats/hr to support the new miners. The Deposit Boost will remain at +5 Sat/hr.

  • The team is going to be adding new boosts that can generate huge returns for active miners that are fun and engaging. More updates in coming weeks.

📱 Invest Rewards:

  • In Season 3, miners can now invest/trade their rewards directly into portfolios to continually grow value in Ember. Rewards can be withdrawn off platform after 90 days

💰 Early Miners, thank you!

  • We recommend everyone continue to mine from their original Season 1 and 2 accounts. In the NFT space, there is always a genesis collection. ;) Stay tuned...

Mine at higher rates while you can. Season 3 kicks off next week! Let’s continue to build an amazing community!

Cheers to the future,

Alex, Guillaume, & Mario
Co-Founders | Ember Fund

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