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Who We Are

We’re here to make crypto fun

Our team includes best-in-class crypto analysts, hackers, technologists and designers that have held leadership positions at Google, Accel, Microsoft, Tiktok, Acorns, Binance, and JP Morgan.

Meet the team

Alex Wang

Alex Wang


Alex was previously a lead product manager at GumGum. He worked on the core internal tool that launched GumGum Sports (Now Relo), which leverages computer vision to unlock and analyze media value for professional sports sponsorships. Alex also previously scaled and sold an e-commerce brand and graduated with a BA in Economics from University of California, Berkeley.

Guillaume Torche


Guillaume runs technology, blockchain strategy and D2C growth for Ember. He architected the Evite workflow for crypto gifting powered by NFT and Defi technologies (patent filed). And has designed and built the key components of Ember’s backend. He is an expert in smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure that power’s Ember. Guillaume previously led the data engineering team at Gumgum. He scaled one of the largest distributed services in LA, starting 0-1 and going to processing petabytes of data. Prior to that, he built the backend infrastructure at Tastemade from 0 to 1 and led their Machine Learning team. He is an open source contributor to Apache Druid (Real-time database) and Apache Kafka (Distributed event streaming platform). Graduated with a Master of CS from University of Compiegne, France.

Mario Lazaro


Mario is an expert at building smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and contributed to the Set Protocol codebase. He spent the last 4 years integrating bluechip DeFi protocols into Ember. He has a strong expertise in auditing and testing complex smart contract infrastructures. He previously led the second largest engineering department at GumGum, the Ad Server team. He also spent the last 4 years building infrastructure around Ember smart contracts (audit, testing, on-chain settlement, automations). He holds an MS in Computer Science from University of Zaragoza, Spain and Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Master thesis worker as research assistant at the Cloud Computing department at Aalto University. He is an open source contributor to: Set Protocol (Ethereum), Cassandra (distributed database). International speaker at Cassandra Summit 2015.

Anthony Bruscantini

Lead Engineer

Anthony has a deep understanding of integrating web3 technologies (dApps) into mobile user facing applications. He previously led the Javascript Ad Server team at GumGum. Prior to it, he worked as Systems Software engineer at Blackberry. Anthony spent the last 4 years building Ember’s mobile UX. Anthony graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Florida International University. He is an open source contributor to the Edge Crypto Wallet, one of the first multi-blockchains non-custodial wallet.

Hayden Todd

Product Manager

Hayden previously managed risk & banking operations at Acorns. Prior to that, he was a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual Irvine managing $10M in AUM. Hayden also co-founded an edtech company, and was an early contributor to some of the first DAOs back in 2017. Hayden holds a BS in CS and Human-Computer-Interaction from University of California, Irvine.

Karim Lamouri

Senior Engineer

Karim spent the last year building on top of web3 technologies, he focused on building automations to facilitate on-chain settlement for Ember. He built the entire Ethereum gas relaying system at Ember as well as all the backend systems for our fiat on-ramp features into crypto. He has extensive experience in securing and scaling cloud infrastructures. Karim was previously a machine learning lead and data engineering lead at GumGum. Prior to those roles, he managed 300+ servers while he was on the site reliability engineering team. Karim graduated with a Master of Engineering from University of Compiegne, France.

Kailash Bihani

Lead Engineer

Kailash spent the last 2 years building our mobile D2C app. He is proficient in React and React Native and is the go to person for blockchain and web3 integrations on mobile devices. He has years of experience in building UX on mobile and web. Previously lead software engineer at Adobe and Malware researcher at McAfee. Kailash is also a CFA Level 2 holder. He graduated with a BA from the University of Jadavpur, India.

Nicolas Smith

Operations Manager

Nick previously managed a team of Resolution Specialists at Acorns. While there he specialized in automation and customer deflection; automating ~15,000 - 20,000 tickets/mo and optimizing department workflows for higher productivity.

Trishul Patel

VP of Product

Trishul previously led product at the venture firm Accel and marketing firm Townsquare before joining Ember. With over 14 years of product management experience, he has built many data-driven SaaS and consumer products for startups and Fortune 500 clients.

Our advisors

Harrison Wang

Growth Advisor

Harrison was the 12th employee at Tiktok and is currently the CEO of Unblocked, a music NFT marketplace. He previously ran growth at Blockfolio before ($150M exit to FTX). He has also led growth for FlipFit, Fair and Flipagram (Acquired by Bytedance). Harrison holds an MBA from USC and a BS from Johns Hopkins.

Deerga Sahni

Technology Advisor


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