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January 18, 2022

Win $1000 with a friend this Week! Ember Fund Raffle

Hi Ember Crew,

We hope you enjoyed last week's raffle! The community enjoyed the challenge so much, we decided to run another one! 

Until next Monday (January 24th, 2022), the team is running a new promotion to friends who deposit in their wallet! If your friend adds some Bitcoin to their Ember Bitcoin wallet, both of you will have a chance to each win $500 in BTC! 

Promotion rules:

  1. Refer a friend via the mining program

  2. Have your friend add some Bitcoin to their Ember Bitcoin Wallet

  3. The more your friend deposits, the higher your chance of winning! 

  4. Existing referrals are eligible

  5. The two winners would earn $500 in BTC each, and they will be randomly selected at 5pm PST January 24th, 2022

The winner will be announced next week once the promotion has been completed via Discord and the mining content box.

To refer a friend with your unique link, tap on the "Invite" button on the mining page! Have them click on the link and sign up. The team is rolling out a referral code feature this week as well, so referring friends will be getting even easier! More info to come.

To add Bitcoin to Ember, tap on the Wallet icon in the nav bar, and then tap on "Deposit Funds". From there, you'll see 3 options to fund your wallet with.

Last week's winner has been emailed, and we'll make an announcement in the Discord with more details! 

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