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Quant Portfolio

How can I increase my mining rate?

Currently all users have a base mining rate of 1 Satoshis / hour for learning about crypto daily in Ember.

Miners can boost their mining rates by depositing in a portfolio, or by referring a friend to Ember using their referral link.

Below is the current mining rate breakdown:

Learn Daily (Base Rate): 1 Sat/hr
Invested in a portfolio: +2 Sat/hr
Refer a friend: +5 Sat/hr while you and your friend are invested & mining together

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I’m not in the US, can I still use Ember?

Yes! The Ember app is available in most countries around the world.

Quant Portfolio

Can I refer someone in another country?

Of course! Please note, referral boost rates vary by country.

Quant Portfolio

How do I redeem my mining rewards?

Users can redeem their Bitcoin rewards on the Earn tab by visiting the 'Rewards History' page.

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