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Mining Program

When are mining rewards paid out?

This article will cover these common questions:

  • When will I receive my rewards?

  • Why didn't I receive my mining withdrawal?

  • Why were Sats taken out of my mining balance?

To get a better understanding of our payout system, it's important to understand that there are 3 main phases:

Phase 1: Your payout is pending

You've placed your withdrawal and now you're waiting.

Mining rewards are always batch-processed during the first week of each month, typically around the 7th. You can find the estimated date of payment (displayed in PST) under your Satoshi Rewards wallet! However, things may come up and our team will need more time to process these payouts, so please be patient!

In the meantime, you'll still see your Satoshis in your balance and you can still use them to enter tournaments/predictions. Please note that if you spend too many of your Satoshis and your balance drops below ~$3 USD, then your withdrawal will automatically be canceled. However, you can always place a new one once you get back above that minimum!

Phase 2: Wallet addresses are locked in

It's closing in on payout time and you noticed a large reduction in your mining rewards balance. No need to worry! This just means that we've locked in everyone's addresses to be paid out.

In this phase, we take some time to manually review people's accounts and withdrawals to ensure that everything is fair and accurate. This process typically takes about 1-3 day working days for us to complete on our end, so please be patient after noticing this reduction!

Phase 3: Rewards have been paid!

The anticipation, the waiting, the chatter, and the noise from your friends -- it all comes down to this. You check your wallet and see your Bitcoin! Congratulations!

Now it's time to invite your friends, complete some tasks, enter some tournaments/predictions, spin the spinner, and do it all over again!

* If you still do not see not your Bitcoin (or wBTC) in your wallet, then it's likely that the wallet address inputted was not compatible. In this case, it's best to reach out to your wallet provider or exchange. To prevent this in the future, we recommend checking out this article:

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